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USAYO's journal

If we want we can go anywhere

miss quirky
A = bloodtype
Baking & cooking
Cats: Dribbel, Gandhi and Ponyo (RIP Jopie, Minoes, Travis and Lizzie)
Drama. My favorites being Coffee Prince (what else?), Antique Bakery and Nodame Cantabile
English teacher is what I want to be
Female vocalist is nice too. Regina Spektor, Sinead O'Connor...
Go. Love to be on the go. All the time.
Hundred and sixty-eight. It's my lenght in cm 8|
I try to grow my hair long but I hate the tickling in my face and neck!
Japan. Uh...duh?
Kg as in kilos. 52 of 'em.
Lying on the couch upside down with my feet in the air = <3
Mucc = favorite band
Oldies are <3. Please listen to the Marvelettes sometime
Piercings: twice ears, nose, knuckles
Rainbow is my nickname. Also my haircolour, partially. The rest is darkbrown.
Snake = Chinese starsign
Tea is the essence of life. It is.
U can't ever beat me in the amount of tea I drink in one day
Visiting concerts and events like it costs nothing
Will talk to every cat she encounters
X is making a fool of itself
Y as in eyes. They're blueish green
Zodiac sign = gemini

Travel Map
I've been to 33 cities in 5 countries
Belgium: Bruges
Belgium: Ieper
Belgium: Poperinge
Germany: Bochum
Germany: Duisburg
Germany: Dusseldorf
Germany: Essen
Germany: Karlsruhe
Germany: Koblenz
Germany: Koln
Germany: Munich
Germany: Neuss
Germany: Trier
Germany: Wurzburg
Netherlands: Amsterdam
Netherlands: Goes
Netherlands: Leiden
Netherlands: Ouddorp
Netherlands: Roosendaal
Netherlands: Rotterdam
Netherlands: Utrecht
Netherlands: Vlissingen
Netherlands: Wageningen
Netherlands: s-Gravenhage
Spain: Barcelona
United Kingdom: Fulham
United Kingdom: Hastings
United Kingdom: Kingston upon Hull
United Kingdom: London
United Kingdom: Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom: Oxford
United Kingdom: York